About EU Data Collection Framework Denmark


Institutions directly involved in data collection are:

  • DTU Aqua, Technical University of Denmark
  • Danish Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark
  • Statistics Denmark
  • Department of Food and Resource Economic, University of Copenhagen.

The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark is the overall responsible for the programme in Denmark.


The co-ordination of the DCF National Programme was transferred to DTU Aqua (formerly institution under the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries).

Data on landings, effort and fleet characteristics of the fisheries under Danish flag are collected by the Danish Fisheries Agency. The Agency hosts all databases on logbooks, landing (sales slips), vessel information and VMS data.

DTU Aqua collects biological data by sampling commercial and recreational fisheries and by conducting research surveys at sea. Data from this data collection is stored in databases hosted by DTU Aqua. In addition, DTU Aqua has access to all databases hosted by the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Statistics Denmark collects information on the economic situation of the fishing fleet as well as economic data on the aquaculture sector in Denmark. All economic data is stored in databases hosted by Statistics Denmark.

The Institute of Food and Resource Economics is responsible for the data collection in the fish processing industry. The data is stored by the same institute.


Structure of DCF Denmark