EU Data Collection Framework Denmark

Fisheries data collection in Denmark

This website informs the involved institutions, the EU Commission and the public about the fisheries data collection carried out in Denmark according to the EU Data Collection Programme (DCR, DCF).

Management of fish stocks in the EU relies on scientific advice, and is therefore dependent on accurate, relevant and up-to-date data. Since 2001, the common fisheries policy has set aside funding to help national authorities collect both economic and biological data about all aspects of fisheries management and make them publically available.

The data collection comprises landings, effort and fleet characteristics, biological data on fish stocks, the economic situation of the fishing fleet and the aquaculture sector, and data on the fish processing industry.

In Denmark, the data are collected by DTU Aqua, Statistic Denmark, the Danish AgriFish Agency and Department of Food and Resource Economics. The Danish Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is the overall responsible for the programme.

R/V Dana in the North Sea. Photo: Line Reeh



Statistics Denmark
Danish Agrifish Agency Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen
18 OCTOBER 2017